Uplifting women for 30 years:
Philippine Wacoal’s Women of the World

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Philippine Wacoal Corporation puts the spotlight on multi-hyphenate Filipino women in a campaign called Women of the World. With the goal of uplifting women through stories of hard work and success, this campaign aims to push forward the brand’s mission to help women realize their beauty and worth.

Philippine Wacoal’s Women of the World will showcase influential women from different fields such as social entrepreneurship, aviation, art, management, publishing, public speaking, content creation, and personal branding among others.

These stories transcend the definition of women empowerment, with some of the featured women going against the traditional roles of society and pushing toward their dreams despite the many discouraging words thrown their way. Others, despite being in a comfortable situation for years, decided to woman-up and chose the road less taken—the road that led them to success and happiness. Meanwhile, some created something bigger than themselves that resulted in providing better opportunities for the people around them.

These are the kind of stories Philippine Wacoal lives for. As a brand that’s been in the business of uplifting women for three decades, these stories inspire and fuel the brand to create more than just products that help women feel and look beautiful, but also generate encouragement and support among women who aspire to be greater than themselves and to rise above all the discouragements, challenges, and failures.

These stories hope to encourage women to understand their potential and hone powerful, purposeful lives that will advance not only themselves but also others whose lives they will touch.